STREET smoke & steam is an outlet for us to bring you some of our favorite street food delicacies. At STREET, we benefit from nearly three decades of combined travel experiences from all over the world. We have been so lucky to experience some of the best bites from all over the world and we would love to share that with you!

We would like to create a journey for you with our progressive menu and exciting new creations. Our street food experience started in Shanghai, China where the succulent steamed soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) & the fluffy savory steamed buns (BaoZi) quickly became addicting staples. For an on-the-go lifestyle, the quick protein packed grilled skewers that Asia offers are perfectly marinated & seasoned.  They always proved to be a scrumptious snack. Of course depending on how hungry you get you can always combo these favorites with a crispy wok fried shredded potato cake and some tangy slaw.

We will be adding new items with creative specials and new found favorites periodically and invite you to enjoy the fun with us!

These are just the beginnings of what we hope to be a long exciting journey together with you at STREET smoke & steam French Market Chicago!