One cup of tea comes from the hands of two friends. Shaun Liu and Chloe Yu  are both from Beijing China. Shaun was a successful sales manager in China with a top internet-based company and Chloe was an editor for a popular newspaper in Beijing. Life in Beijing was fancy but they did not feel complete.   Shaun and Chloe happen to meet each other while pursuing their MBA degrees at UIC.   As they studied together and quickly learned that they had similar goals and life objectives.

After business school, both Shaun and Chloe believed it was time for them to use their knowledge and skills to do something real and to create something different. Both of them loved to travel and experiences different exotic foods and trust that there are many people in Chicago who also enjoy trying new foods and drinks.

Bubble Tea is the hottest drink in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei. Knowing this B.I. Tea was born. All their ingredients are imported directly from Taiwan so that you can experience the true flavors and tastes from Great China. Their menu will also include egg-like waffle cakes which are a popular treat on the streets of Hong Kong.

Tasty hand-shaken Bubble Teas are offered in several ways; hot and cold, chewy and smooth, with fruits and teas. The drinks are fresh and rich.

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Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM
Saturday 10AM-5:30PM