Derived from the nearly 30 year-old family owned restaurant, the Klay Oven, Klay Oven Kitchen is a fast service, gourmet Indian eatery concept that has been embraced by the Chicago French Market goers for over three years. Klay Oven Kitchen, through the passion and hard work by the owner, Prem Khosla, along with the initial collaboration with some of Chicago’s talented young chefs specializing in the cuisine, has been able to impress its foodie customers, leaving them hooked on their simple menu and daily specials.

Klay Oven Kitchen strives to be the often looked for alternative in Indian food by using healthier ingredients and cooking methods. A variety of menu items boast the tags of “vegan” and “gluten-free” without sacrificing the savory Indian flavor. The menu has many of the fan favorites such as Chicken Tikka Masala and Saag Paneer along with some unique creations such as the Meatball Curry. Klay Oven Kitchen also limits its use of butter and cream on its menu and substitutes olive oil for a healthier, but still delicious, option as an Indian lunch or take-a-way dinner. Unlike other Indian options, Klay Oven Kitchen’s eats will not leave you in a food coma, allowing customers to be able to be fully functional at work and have fully satisfied their hunger and crave for Indian food without having to break the bank.

By using their decades of experience in the industry, Klay Oven Kitchen finely tunes its cooking methods and ingredient usage, providing a consistently preferred option for a quick Indian lunch, a take-a-way dinner for the family, or corporate/office caterings.


Monday-Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday Closed