Pawel Niemczyk has expanded on his Loop Juice concept which he has operated in the market for the past 5 Years and added a second booth to his business called Loop Soup. Pawel, working alongside his mother and brother, continues to build upon his core concept of starting with fresh healthy whole foods every day and crafting them into something delicious for you to eat! Who doesn’t love soup!

He will have vegetarian options as well as heartier meat based options. In addition to a rotating menu of soups Pawel is serving healthy artisan “grilled cheese” sandwiches that are actually toasted rather than pan fried. The flavor profiles in his soups and sandwiches are a refreshing take on comfort food that you shouldn’t miss. He will be adding baked potatoes to the menu in the near future and will be putting his own spin on how you enjoy your tubers!


Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 6:30PM
Saturday 10:00AM - 4:00PM