Santullo’s New York-style pizza has a flavorful history in Chicago.

This fresh, Italian-American thin crust pie originates from New York, but has been perfected in our Chicago kitchen.  New York style pizza is usually large and hand tossed, giving it a very thin, airy crust. It traditionally has a tomato sauce base with mozzarella cheese.  Santullo’s Pizza is hand tossed and cooked in our pizza ovens right here, next to the Chicago French Market. Sweet San Marzano tomatoes and a New York style crust–with a bit of extra crisp–are the keys to Santullo’s unique recipe.

An Italian Beef is a sandwich of thin slices of seasoned Roast Beef, with au jus on an Italian roll. It originated in Chicago and is believed to be created by Italian immigrants around the 1930’s.

Our special blend of seasonings and spices make Santullo’s Italian Beef the perfect balance of flavor. Try it with cheddar cheese.


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